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Birth Centers at Memorial Hospital


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Below are a few stories from past patients of the birth centers at Memorial Hospital ...

Julie and Baby Isaiah

Podcast Listen:

Full audio podcast interview with Julie A. (.mp3/2:20)

Julia and Baby Isaiah


Julie was expecting her second child. She was a little uneasy because her first child, Cameron, was premature and had to be treated in the Level IIIb neonatal intensive care unit at Memorial Hospital for Children - the only Level IIIb NICU in southern Colorado. Fortunately, Cameron was fine and was released from the hospital after just a few days. Nonetheless, going into her second delivery, Julie wanted to know that she had a solid NICU backup should something go wrong again.


"Isaiah is the second baby that I delivered at Memorial. My first son,
Cameron, was born six weeks early and spent four days in the NICU. I was 
more than a little anxious about Cameron's birth. But the nurses in the NICU quickly eased my fears. They could not have been more gentle and caring. They tended to my every need and more importantly took excellent care of Cameron." - Julie A.


Julie gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Isaiah, without any complications. In no time, Julie and Isaiah were home with their family.


- -

Tiffany and Baby Ariel

Podcast Listen:

Full audio podcast interview with Tiffany J. (.mp3/2:53)


Tiffany and Baby ArielTiffany, pregnant with her fourth child, was experiencing a difficult pregnancy and she was worried. When she was 28 weeks pregnant, Tiffany learned that baby Ariel was very small. Her concern did not end there. When Ariel was born she was jaundiced and had some respiratory problems. Tiffany didn't know what kind of care and treatment Ariel would receive. But Tiffany's concerns were soon put to rest.


"The nurses, doctors and technicians always seemed fresh and ready to help. I have been to hospitals where you can tell if the people taking care of you have had a long or a bad day. That wasn't the case at Memorial. A hospital can have state-of-the-art equipment, but if the people aren't there to back it up, no one will want to go there. Memorial Hospital has quality professionals working on its staff." - Tiffany J.


Ariel spent some time in the NICU. She was on oxygen when she went home and was monitored carefully. Ariel is now a very happy and healthy little girl.


- -

Melodie and Baby Charlotte

Podcast Listen:

Full audio podcast interview with Melodie R. (.mp3/2:54)


Meladie and Baby CharlotteWith casts on both feet at five days old, Charlotte faces a year of therapy and treatment for her clubfeet. Charlotte's mother was panicked and very upset to learn their unborn child had a disorder called clubfoot. She and her husband did a lot of research and were determined to treat Charlotte’s condition without surgery. So when she was five days old, Charlotte started rehab at Memorial.


"The therapists were fantastic, they gave us handouts, diagrams, taught us the terminology and explained the structure of the foot. Memorial Hospital cares about the whole family and includes everyone in the healing process. They knew what we were going through and encouraged all of us to come to Charlotte’s therapy sessions." - Melodie R.


The therapist even showed Charlotte’s sister how to do exercises with her. Charlotte is making progress. Her condition started as a serious, class three condition. It is now classified as class two, or moderate. The family is continuing rehab and hoping to avoid surgery. Of the Memorial staff, Melodie says, "They care so much. They have become part of our family."


- -


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