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Pulmonary Diagnostics at Memorial Hospital

Pulmonary Diagnostics at Memorial Hospital

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If you are having problems with breathing or lung function, pulmonary diagnostics at Memorial Hospital can quickly and accurately diagnose your condition. Our specialists are accredited by the American Thoracic Society.


Your doctor may ask for these diagnostic services:


•  Pulmonary function testing, which is used to diagnose a variety of conditions, including emphysema.


•  Bronchoscopy, in which a lighted scope is inserted into the lungs to diagnose pulmonary conditions, take tissue and fluid samples and perform therapeutic procedures. You may have this test done as an outpatient or inpatient procedure, and you will be given sedation to eliminate any discomfort. Often this procedure can help you breathe easier by relieving a partially collapsed lung.


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    Please note: A physician's order is required for all tests. For certain complex tests, such as exercise testing, which require a pulmonary physician's attendance, a prior referral to a pediatric or adult pulmonologist is required. Please call if you have questions.


    All patients must register prior to coming to the pulmonary diagnostics department at Memorial Hospital. You will be called one business day prior to your test to confirm your appointment time and answer any questions you may have. Please ensure that you have given the schedulers accurate phone number(s). Depending on the procedure, you will be asked to register 30-90 minutes prior to its scheduled start time. If you do arrive late, your procedure may have to be rescheduled. Please call our contact number if you need to cancel/reschedule or are going to be late.


    Due to our busy schedule, walk-in tests are difficult to fit in. If your doctor has given you an order for a test and asked you to come in to have it done, please call our contact number first to see if we have the staff and time available.


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