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Pain Management at Memorial Hospital

Pain Management at Memorial Hospital

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Helping You Manage Your Pain in the Hospital and at Home

The goal of pain management at Memorial Hospital is to relieve the physical and psychosocial symptoms associated with pain while maintaining the patient's level of function. For inpatient pain management, we have an acute pain service which provides consultation, management and educational resources upon request to assist the physician in managing the patient's pain while in the hospital. Outpatient pain management is provided by the Colorado Pain Institute.

Inpatient Pain Management at Memorial Hospital

During your hospital stay, your pain may be treated by administering pain medication through an IV, an epidural or orally. We also encourage other methods of controlling pain to include deep breathing exercises, heat or cold, massage, relaxation, music and physical therapy, among others.


Our pain service nurses are specially trained to handle complex or difficult pain. They have also received special training in the management of implanted pain pumps and spinal cord stimulators.


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Managing Pain for Cancer Patients

As a cancer patient, you may have difficulty managing your pain and need to come to the hospital. We work closely with your doctor to get the pain under control. Once you are discharged from the hospital, staff from the Colorado Pain Institute follows up with you to monitor the effectiveness of your pain treatment.


Depending on the type of pain you’re experiencing, your doctor may choose a pain pump, spinal cord stimulator, a series of oral medications, steroid injections, spinal blocks, or trigger point injections.


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How Does the Pain Pump Work?

A pain pump is a small device that supplies medication directly to your spinal cord. The pump is surgically placed under the skin of your abdomen and sends medication directly to your spinal cord area through a small tube (catheter). You will have a trial catheter inserted while in the hospital and our acute pain service staff will monitor you for two days. Once you and your doctor are satisfied that this is effective, a permanent pump will be implanted and you can be released from the hospital.


The amount of medication you receive through the pump is regulated by a computer inside the pump. It is programmed by our pain service nurses or your pain doctor, so you never have to worry about the amount of medication you are receiving. Because medication is delivered directly to your spinal cord, you need a much smaller dose of medication than you would need with oral medications.


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What is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

In this procedure, a small wire is surgically implanted under your skin. The wire is connected to a power source that transmits low-level electrical signals to the spinal cord or to specific nerves. These signals block the pain signals from reaching your brain. As with the pain pump, this procedure is done in the hospital; its effectiveness is monitored by our staff, and then you are released.


Different patients experience different sensations, but most describe spinal stimulation as a pleasant tingling feeling. You control the intensity of the stimulation with a remote control device.


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Outpatient Pain Management at Memorial Hospital

If you have problems with pain and you are not an inpatient, your doctor may arrange for you to visit the Colorado Pain Institute. The center is an interventional pain management center, which means that the anesthesiologists who work at the center use a variety of approaches to help you with your pain. The staff at the center can set up an appointment for you at one of Memorial’s outpatient surgery centers.


The center also offers conservative care for patients who are considering surgery. Many insurance providers require the use of all alternative options before surgery is performed, and the Colorado Pain Institute can help arrange these alternatives, such as physical therapy and various types of pain management. Our anesthesiologists are experts in pain management and can use a variety of therapies to provide you with relief.


If you are experiencing pain, ask your doctor to refer you to the center. Most pain relief procedures are covered by insurance.


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