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Hippotherapy Services at Memorial Hospital

Hippotherapy Services at Memorial Hospital

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Adult/teen patients: 719-365-5742
Pediatric patients: 719-365-5422


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If you need rehabilitation to help recover from an injury or medical condition, you might make the most progress on the back of a horse. Memorial Hospital  has one of the few facilities in the region that offers hippotherapy services for adults and teenagers.

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What is hippotherapy?

This unique form of therapy uses the movement of a horse to help patients improve balance, strength and muscle tone. The three-dimensional movement of the horse (up, down and sideways) produces movement in the human pelvis that is much like natural walking. This movement has proven to be effective in helping the rider with physical coordination and control, as well as sensory integration. As you sit on the horse and experience the movement of the walk and trot, your muscles are being worked and your nerves are being re-educated without any deliberate effort on your part.


Memorial Hospital partners with Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center (PPTRC) in Falcon to provide these services. PPTRC is the only therapeutic riding center in the region that has received premier accredited status from the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association.


If your rehabilitation therapist or doctor decides that you would benefit from hippotherapy, you will have a weekly hippotherapy session at PPTRC accompanied by a Memorial physical, occupational, or speech therapist. PPTRC provides trained volunteers who lead the therapy horse and walk on each side of the horse to provide support for the rider. All of the horses at PPTRC are carefully evaluated by professional horse handlers.

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Who can benefit from hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy can help people who have a variety of conditions, such as a stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, low back pain, autism, a developmental delay or a sensory integration dysfunction.


Our hippotherapy services at Memorial Hospital are provided by licensed physical, occupational or speech therapists; treatments are covered by most insurance providers. A physician referral is required to start therapy. However, a physician's order is not required to schedule an evaluation.

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