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Our General & Vascular Surgical Treatments & Procedures

Memorial General & Vascular Surgery


Two locations:


Memorial Hospital Central, East Tower
1400 E. Boulder St., Suite 600

6th floor
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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Phone: 719-364-6487
Free garage parking & valet

Medical Office Building One

Memorial Hospital North Campus

4110 Briargate Pkwy., Suite 140
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(map & directions)

Phone: 719-364-8346
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Memorial Vein Center

We stop varicose veins where they start for lasting relief from leg heaviness, fatigue, pain in bulging veins, itching, night cramps, restless legs and leg swelling.

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At Memorial Hospital General & Vascular Surgery, we perform the following surgical treatments and procedures:

Laparoscopic surgery - laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves using a laparoscope—a long, thin tube with a camera lens attached that allows the physician to examine the organs inside the abdominal cavity to check abnormalities and to operate through small incisions. Laparoscopic surgery is now used in most cases to remove gallbladders, appendices, and colons. Most hernias are now repaired with laparoscopic surgery.

Open surgery - traditional open surgery involves cutting the skin and tissues to directly access structures or organs. The structures or organs can be seen and touched. Open surgery is typically used to remove or repair organs (such as kidneys).

Trauma surgery - trauma surgery deals with the evaluation and surgical treatment of critically ill or gravely injured patients. Surgical treatments may include intubation, burr hole, cricothyroidotomy and emergency laparotomy or thoracotomy to stanch bleeding.

Vascular surgery - vascular surgery involves the treatment of diseases or disorders affecting the vascular system (arteries and veins) typically in the neck and leg regions of the body. Procedures may include minimally-invasive (endovascular) procedures, therapy and surgical reconstruction and repair. Reasons for surgery may include removing an obstruction (such as plaque) from an artery, bypassing an area of obstruction with a graft or widening narrow blood vessels to improve circulation.

General surgery - many types of operations can be considered 'general surgery,' however, the primary focus for general surgery are the abdominal organs (such as the stomach, liver, glands or colon). Surgical treatments may include traditional open surgery or minimally invasive approaches. Reasons for general surgery may include repair, alteration or removal of organs or glands.

Surgical critical care - surgical critical care deals with the evaluation and management of patients who are critically ill following surgery or trauma. Reasons for surgical critical care may include severe infection, organ failure, neurologic emergencies, hemorrhaging, shock or other post-operative complications.

Surgical oncology - surgical oncology deals with the evaluation and treatment of cancer primarily affecting the torso area (such as breast, lung, colon and prostate). Surgical treatments may include the removal of cancerous tissues (such as tumors, polyps, or lymph nodes) and management of reoccurring cancerous cells.

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