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For your convenience, you can now download and print physician forms (formerly found at PhysicianLink) here:


Printable Forms

Adult Health Questionnaire (.pdf)


Anesthesia Pre-operative Protocol (.pdf)


Home Discharge Medication Profile (.pdf)


Informed Consent for Operation or Procedure - English (.pdf)


Informed Consent for Operation or Procedure - Spanish (.pdf)


Pre-Surgery Brochure (.pdf)


Surgery Scheduling Form (.pdf)


Waiver of Medical Interpreter Services - English (.pdf)


Waiver of Medical Interpreter Services - Spanish (.pdf)



Printable Cardiac Consents & Education

Ablation Consent (.pdf)


Ablation Education (.pdf)


Adenosine Consent (.pdf)


Adenosine Education (.pdf)


Cardiac Cath Consent (.pdf)


Cardiac Cath Education (.pdf)


Cardioversion Consent (.pdf)


Cardioversion Education (.pdf)


Dobutamine Stress Consent (.pdf)


Dobutamine Stress Education (.pdf)


General Cardiac Consent (.pdf)


ICD Consent (.pdf)


Lexican Stress Consent (.pdf)


Lexican Stress Education (.pdf)


Pacemaker Consent (.pdf)


Pacemaker ICD Consent (.pdf)


Pacemaker ICD Education (.pdf)


Persantine Stress Consent (.pdf)


Persantine Stress Education (.pdf)


TEE Consent (.pdf)


TEE Education (.pdf)


Tilt Table Consent (.pdf)


Tilt Table Education (.pdf)


Treadmill Exercise Consent (.pdf)


Treadmill Exercise Education (.pdf)


We are pleased to announce the Epic Provider Connection has replaced Physician Link. We turned off access to PhysicianLink on 2/21/2014.  If you do not have access to the Provider Connection, please contact Debra Miller in Physician’s Relations at: or 719-365-6824 to request access.


Recent information from Physician Link is available in the Provider Connection in the Clinical Archive Section. If you are unable to find older information in the Clinical Archive, please request this information thru our ROI (Request of Information) process in HIM (Medical Records) or by calling 719-365-5277. Thank you.