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Free Wireless Internet Access

Free Wireless Internet Access for Your Convenience

Wireless Internet Available

Memorial Hospital offers free wireless Internet access at all hospital locations to patients, visitors and associates with a personal computer that has wireless Internet capability. Sorry, but we do not loan computers to patients or visitors at this time. Also, please understand that Memorial Hospital does not endorse or sanction the content, or point of view of any of the information you may find on the Internet.

To begin your Internet session, start your Internet browser software (i.e., MS Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, etc.) and you will be asked to read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy. Your Internet session will then begin.

User guidelines:

You need to be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and third parties may be able to obtain information about your user activities. It is highly suggested that you use anti-virus and personal firewall software to prevent harm to your personal computer. Memorial Hospital does not release information on the usage of the Internet unless required to do so by law or to ensure proper operation of the network.

Internet filter:

Please note that the Internet is a constantly changing environment where content and formats may be inconsistent. Memorial Hospital does apply filters to prevent access to Internet content that may be considered inappropriate for children (according to the Children's Internet Protection Act - Pub.L., 106-554). However, it is not possible to block all objectionable Internet content. Parents should monitor their children's Internet activity.

Validity of Internet content:

The Internet is an unregulated medium where the validity of information varies and appropriateness may be controversial. Users are warned to be critical of all information they find and access while using the Internet. Users are responsible for ensuring that the information they access is accurate, complete, dated and not considered offensive to other individuals. Users are responsible for ensuring the validity and appropriateness of information being accessed and the information is appropriate to their own personal needs. It is expected the Internet will be used with respect, courtesy and responsibility giving due regard to the various functions, and types of use that are acceptable and those that should be avoided.

While users are utilizing their own computers, we ask that you turn off the sound (if personal headphones are not used) while using the Internet out of respect for other patients/customers of Memorial Hospital.

Consequences of Internet access are the responsibility of the user. Any loss or damage to a personal computer is the responsibility of the user. The wireless access is not secured unless the user is connected to a secure, encrypted web site. Remember to always safeguard your personal information.

Users of the wireless Internet must respect the legal protection provided by copyright laws and licensing of software programs and use of data.

In the interest of maintaining network performance, you should not send unreasonably large electronic mail attachments. You are prohibited from running programs designed to defeat network inactivity time-outs and maintaining an open SMTP relay is prohibited.

Guidelines for families:

Memorial Hospital is concerned about children's use of the Internet but also about parent's rights and responsibilities to monitor their own children's activities. While our wireless Internet access is filtered, it is not a 100% guarantee that an inappropriate site may be accessed. We encourage parents to spend time online with their children to discuss the wealth of information available and how the information should be used.

Requesting a site to be unblocked:

If you come across a site that you need to have access to, and the site is currently restricted, please contact information services (IS) at Memorial Hospital. The help desk can be reached at 719-365-HELP (4357) if you're at a Memorial Hospital location. Dependent upon the content of the site and your location, you may be given temporary access to the site. At midnight, every night, all temporary access to sites is removed.