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Hospital Visitor Information

What You Need to Know as a Hospital Visitor

Whether you’re a patient or visiting a patient at Memorial Hospital, there are a few things you need to know. For more details, please see the Patients’ Handbook available at our hospital locations.

Considerate Guests Follow These Guidelines

  • Visitor Hours: Visitors are welcome at Memorial because we know they can be helpful in recovery. There are no set hours for visiting. However, we ask that visitors not come too early or stay too long. Children are welcome to visit patients. Please be considerate and keep your visit brief if the patient is in pain or in need of rest.

    Visitors are not allowed to spend the night when the patient is staying in a semi-private room. Special visiting arrangements can be made with the patient’s nurse.

  • Electronic Devices: As a patient, you are asked to have all personally-owned electrical (including battery-powered) appliances that you bring to the hospital checked for electrical safety by our staff. Your nurse will assist you.

  • Pets: We welcome the presence of family pets of inpatients as appropriate and under certain guidelines to ensure safety for all patients and visitors. If you are interested in learning more about pet visitation, please talk with a nurse.

  • Telephone: Patients’ rooms are equipped with phones and local calls can be placed at no charge by dialing “9” and then the number. Long distance calls can be placed through the hospital operator by dialing "0."