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Health Care Reform

Making Sense of Health Care Reform

In an effort to help our community understand what’s happening with health care reform, we offer you several resources. Though talk of health care reform dominates every newspaper and newscast, it’s difficult to understand, primarily because Congress isn’t debating just one plan. There are many proposals and counter-proposals, making it hard to follow and difficult to understand what health care reform will mean to any one of us.

We hope you find these resources useful. Please note, Memorial Hospital does not support any one proposal versus another. The analyses and opinions offered in the following resources are those of the author(s), not of Memorial Hospital.

What we do support? The highest quality health care, accessible to everyone. Health care that truly meets the needs of our community. Health care that transforms health status, for the better. Health care that is integrated, not fragmented. Health care that provides a solid and growing economic engine for our community. Health care that is so good—it becomes an attractor for our community.

We believe that this type of health care is possible, with or without national health care reform. And, we at Memorial Hospital, are committed to building it, with you.

Note: Health care reform efforts are changing daily. We will keep this site updated, but we encourage you to take note of the date of publication as you review them.

Thank you!

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The Obama Plan, 9/10/09

A Primer on the Details of Health Care Reform
Robert Pear & David Herszenhorn, The New York Times
Aug. 9, 2009

Ten Questions on the Health-Care Overhaul
Janet Adamy, The Wall Street Journal
July 21, 2009

The Cost Conundrum
Dr. Atul Gawande, The New Yorker
June 2, 2009

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Other Resources

The Bell Policy Center,
The Brookings Institute.
The Commonwealth Fund,
The Heritage Foundation,
The Kaiser Family Foundation,
National Health Reform Law and Policy Project,