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Cancer Patient Stories

Cancer Center at Memorial Hospital

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Below are several courageous and inspirational cancer patient stories:

Meet Michelle (with daughter, Rachel) ... Breast Cancer Survivor

Michelle Wills-HillMichelle had strong motivation to get well—her four year old daughter. Michelle felt the tumor a year before she went to the doctor to have it checked. She had a difficult time believing it was cancer. She said it was an overwhelming experience.


Michelle underwent cancer treatment through the cancer center at Memorial Hospital where she was treated with respect and dignity. "I was not treated as a number. The doctors and nurses held my hand and took time to explain information to me. They let me cry when I needed to cry. Everyone was so reassuring."


Today, Michelle is cancer free. She credits her faith and attitude as well as the staff at Memorial for her recovery. "The commercials say 'we care, we heal.' And they do - the doctors, nurses and therapists are remarkable."


Meet George ... Prostate Cancer Survivor

George PaytonGeorge feared for his life after learning that he had prostate cancer. Time seemed to stand still from the time George learned his diagnosis until he met with doctors at Memorial.


"The doctors made me feel at home," George said. "They told me clearly what to expect and explained my options. I was able to make informed decisions together with the doctors. I found out that because the cancer was caught early, there was a good chance that I could beat it." George adds, "Throughout my treatment, I felt I was among friends. The staff listened to me and truly cared."


George has been cancer free for six years. He credits his early diagnosis and the staff at Memorial Hospital for the positive outcome.


Meet Dylan ... Cancer Survivor

Dylan RogersJulia thought the doctors made a mistake when she was told that her son had a grade four brain tumor. Dylan had been throwing up periodically for a few weeks. Julia had taken him to the doctor who thought it was gastrointestinal and scheduled some tests. Then Dylan was hit during a football game and complained of headaches. A CT scan revealed a brain tumor. "When the doctor came in and told me, I thought he had the wrong room," Julia said. 'I told him, "no, you are wrong. I am here with my son who was hit in a football game."'


Unfortunately the doctors were right. Dylan was admitted to the pediatric ICU (Memorial Hospital for Children) with a grade four brain tumor. Julia explains, "I was devastated. The nurses were great, taking me into a room where I could cry and let it out."


Dylan is one of six children in a close-knit family. Everyone gathered at the hospital to be with Dylan. Following surgery to remove the tumor, Dylan went through 6 weeks of radiation and 14 months of chemotherapy. Dylan said, "Memorial Hospital really cares, thanks for saving my life."


Julie continues, "From day one, we had phenomenal care from the staff at Memorial. They didn't just take care of Dylan, they took care of the whole family." Julie has been to Memorial several times since Dylan's surgery even though there are other hospitals closer to her home. "Whether it's a laceration or a life-threatening surgery, Memorial is where I take my family, especially when it comes to children."


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Meet Nancy ... Cancer Survivor. Proactive About Her Therapy for Lymphedema

Nancy DayNancy was a dedicated art and music teacher when a diagnosis of breast cancer threatened to change her life. Nancy teaches music and art to kindergartners, first and second graders. She loves what she does and her diagnosis of breast cancer was devastating. She had a partial mastectomy and knew that her risk for lymphedema was great.


Nancy took a very proactive approach to her condition. She wanted to do everything possible to ensure a full recovery. She met with the physical therapy group at Memorial Hospital prior to her surgery. They checked her range of motion and gave her exercises that she could start 48 hours after her surgery. The physical therapist also recommended a book that taught massage.


The surgery went well. Nancy felt very connected with the surgeon and staff at Memorial. "I felt well cared for from the beginning. The staff all communicated so well and the departments are well connected."


These people went through difficult times but persevered. No one can ever guarantee the outcome of a medical condition. But these people took the right first step. They sought professional medical help from top doctors and specialists at the nationally ranked top cancer center at Memorial Hospital.


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