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Human breast milk is the best thing to feed babies. Breastfeeding also supports the health of both mother and baby. While breastfeeding may be challenging at first, our care and programs can help mothers succeed.

Breastfeeding Benefits

Why is exclusive breastfeeding important for you and your baby? Some benefits for your baby include:

  • increased protection against respiratory infections, allergies and bacterial meningitis

  • lower risk of getting ear and urinary tract infections

  • easier digestion (breast milk is easier on baby’s intestines)

  • a higher IQ.Lower risk of obesity as a teenager and as an adult

Some benefits for you include:

  • a quicker recovery after childbirth

  • reduced risk of post-partum bleeding

  • a better chance of returning to your pre-pregnancy weight

  • reduced risk of developing ovarian and perimenopausal breast cancers

  • reduced osteoporosis

  • reduced risk of long-term obesity

  • a more convenient way to feed your baby

How does the hospital support breastfeeding?

The Golden Hour

Studies show that the first hour, the Golden Hour, after a baby’s birth is very important. This is when parents and babies make crucial bonds. Bonding also improves a mother’s ability to breastfeed. This is why we ask extended families to visit after the Golden Hour.

Skin-to-Skin Care

Bonding through skin-to-skin contact begins right after birth. It is important for all babies, whether they will be bottle or breast fed.

Breastfeeding Support and Classes

In the hospital, mothers may ask to meet with a lactation expert. These specially trained nurses teach the best breastfeeding methods. They help mothers with babies in the birth center as well as in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Lactation department hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. seven days a week.

Our Breastfeeding Basics class is offered three times a month. To register, call HealthLink at 719-444-CARE or register online

If you have trouble breastfeeding after leaving the hospital, talk to your doctor right away. With a doctor’s order, you may schedule an appointment with a lactation specialist by calling 719-365-5997.

Breast Pumps

Many mothers also pump and safely store breast milk for their baby. There are many types of pumps, including:

  • hospital-grade breast pumps

  • personal-use pumps

  • small electric/battery- operated pumps

  • manually-operated pumps

We recommend the use of a hospital-grade breast pump. You may rent or buy a hospital-grade breast pump from Memorial. Ask a lactation consultant for details at 719-365-5997.

If you don’t pump often, a hand-operated or battery/electric hand-held pump works well. For frequent pumping, an electric double pump (which pumps both breasts at the same time) works well. For mothers who pump at work, good rental choices are:

  • a hospital-grade pump

  • a hospital-grade double-electric pump

Donating Breast Milk

Donating breast milk saves lives

Breast milk offers the best nutrition for all newborns. For premature and sick babies, breast milk is even more important. It supports their fragile health, growth and development. Some mothers aren’t able to produce breast milk. They must rely on donated human milk to help their babies thrive.

To learn more about becoming a donor, please call the Mother’s Milk Bank at 877-458-5503. Donations may be dropped off:

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Memorial Hospital Central Birth Center

1400 E. Boulder St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909