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Integrative Medicine & Wellness at Memorial Hospital

Treating More than a Patient's Physical Needs

Integrative medicine and wellness services at Memorial Hospital blend proven medical techniques with evidence-based complementary care. This melding of traditional medical care with the centuries old healing arts that include acupuncture and massage therapy, can help decrease stress, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain and speed recovery. This holistic approach treats each patient for balance and wellness of the mind, body and spirit.


Our integrative medicine and wellness services at Memorial Hospital include a variety of therapies designed to help each patient achieve balance and a sense of well being. We believe that wellness is not defined by the presence—or absence—of disease. Rather, wellness is the pursuit of the best quality of life in your present circumstances regardless of your medical condition. You may be fighting a disease, recovering from a disease, or striving to maintain good health. To that end, we offer classes and programs aimed at achieving and maintaining each patient’s wellness.


Therapies are offered on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.


The following programs and classes are offered through HealthLink at Memorial Hospital:


Complementary Cancer Care Program
HealthLink Classes
Herbal Supplements
Massage Therapy


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Acupuncture: An Ancient Therapy Delivers Valuable Treatment

Acupuncture at Memorial Hospital involves inserting very fine, sterile needles into the skin at specific locations. This usually painless procedure stimulates the body's natural healing abilities and balances the energy that travels through the pathways or meridians of the body. Acupuncture has been practiced in Chinese medicine for centuries.


Studies have shown that acupuncture can:

  • Enhance pain relief when used in conjunction with pain medications
  • Reduce nausea
  • Reduce headache
  • Reduce depression
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce low back pain
  • Help with smoking cessation
  • Help with weight reduction

Acupuncture at Memorial Hospital is offered through our integrative medicine and wellness department by licensed acupuncturists. Acupuncture is available on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.


Some insurance companies do cover acupuncture with a doctor's referral. We'd be happy to contact your insurance company to determine your coverage. Co-payments vary.


Self-pay patients receive a discounted rate when payment is received at the time of service.


If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment for acupuncture at Memorial Hospital, call 719-365-5707.


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Complementary Cancer Care Program Treats the Person and the Disease

Our complementary cancer care program at Memorial Hospital is comprised of holistic therapies designed to help cancer patients cope with the symptoms of the disease and the side effects of treatments. These therapies treat the whole person—mind, body and spirit. Our credentialed practitioners administer therapies to enhance healing, promote well-being and provide comfort. Patients play an active role in their health care and symptom management.


Each patient meets with an oncology nurse who:

  • Provides information about complementary therapies
  • Guides patients in selecting and obtaining appropriate therapies
  • Communicates with the patient’s doctor
  • Stays in touch with patients to discuss therapy effectiveness

The following therapies focus on the mind:

  • Aromatherapy uses highly concentrated plant extracts and essential oils for stress and symptom management.
  • Cancer Center Library and Resource Center provides books and audiovisual materials to patients. Volunteer staff is available to help patients with these resources.
  • Labyrinth encourages reflection and relaxation through a series of meditative walking paths and finger-tracing paths.
  • Meditation promotes relaxation and mindfulness instruction.

Body therapies include:

  • Acupuncture at Memorial Hospital involves inserting small needles into specific points on the body to release neurochemicals that reduce stress and help manage symptoms.
  • Clinical trials at Memorial Hospital are research studies focused on improving health and cancer care.
  • Healing touch opens and balances the energy field that surrounds the body, resulting in a profound state of relaxation. Certified volunteer practitioners gently touch the patient to move energy over the body.
  • Massage therapy at Memorial Hospital is gentle, relaxing stroking and kneading of the body's soft tissue.
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu is another form of gentle touch which also facilitates relaxation and healing.
  • Reflexology is gentle hand and foot massage.
  • Nutritional counseling at Memorial Hospital involves working with a registered dietitian to help promote healthy eating.
  • The oncology exercise program, Energy for Life, includes movement and stretching designed specifically for cancer patients. It promotes conditioning and helps manage fatigue. This program is under the direction of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Memorial Hospital. 
  • Reiki, also a gentle touch, promotes relaxation and healing.
  • Smoking cessation at Memorial Hospital offers professional advice and support on how to stop smoking.
  • Tai Chi fosters relaxation and exercise through gentle fluid motion.
  • Yoga for cancer patients includes gentle body postures and breathing techniques for exercise and relaxation.

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Therapies focused on the spirit include:

  • Healing through art that encourages creative self-expression through a variety of media including paints, clay, wire and colored pens.
  • Healing through music involves singing, listening to and playing music on a variety of instruments.
  • Healing with pets gives patients the opportunity to spend time with certified therapy dogs.
  • Look Good…Feel Better offers women cancer patients a makeover session with certified cosmetologists.
  • Spiritual care at Memorial Hospital includes counseling, support and prayer to enable patients to connect individually with a higher power.
  • Support groups offer psychological and emotional support for cancer patients. There are groups for patients coping with specific cancers including breast and prostate as well as general cancer support groups. We also offer special support and education programs and retreats.

Cost for Complementary Therapies

Costs for these therapies vary. Some are free while others are offered at a reduced rate. Some are covered by insurance. In some instances, grant money may available to cover the costs.


For more information or to schedule an appointment any of the services available through integrative medicine and wellness at Memorial Hospital, call 719-365-6741.


Program Schedule for Sensational Survivorship Breast Cancer Survivors


The cancer center at Memorial Hospital also offers a wide variety of support and education programs for people with cancer and their families; the focus of which is caring for the mind, body and spirit.

For more information or to register, call 719-365-6145.


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HealthLink at Memorial Hospital Provides Wellness Programs to the Community

HealthLink at Memorial Hospital is our outreach program in which we offer low-cost education and services to the community. All of our instructors are chosen for their expertise and subject knowledge.


We offer a variety of services to help you maintain and improve your health. These include health screenings, wellness classes, special community events like flu clinics and a free nurse advisor call center.


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HealthLink Programs Related to Integrative Medicine and Wellness at Memorial Hospital

Below is a list for HealthLink programs offered in conjunction with integrative medicine and wellness at Memorial Hospital. Payment is required when you register. Refunds are issued for cancellations occurring at least seven days before the event.
  • Aromatherapy - Learn about a variety of aromas and their health benefits and how to use these essential oils to restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

  • Create Your Weight - Weight Management Program - This program teaches you how to make healthy food choices and become more physically  active to promote a healthy weight. Learn topics such as meal planning, exercise, family involvement, healthy snacking, building self-esteem and learning about hunger.

  • Kick the Habit Smoking Cessation Program - During this class you'll receive professional support, advice, and the tools you need to stop smoking and live a healthier life.

  • Meditation - If you have a chronic health condition including chronic pain, fatigue or stress, this class is for you. You'll learn to calm your mind by following your breath and relaxing your body. The class meets once weekly for four weeks.

  • Move On Down the Line (Line Dancing) - Get your aerobic exercise and learn a fun, new pastime. You'll also improve your balance and coordination during these four weekly sessions.

  • NIA for a New You - The discipline of Tai Chi, dynamics of yoga and the power of martial arts combine with the grace of modern dance to create an exhilarating form of movement. Wear comfortable shoes and come prepared to have fun during this four week class that meets once a week.

  • Nutrition - These classes are especially designed for cancer patients and are held throughout the year.

  • Pilates Method of Conditioning - A unique system of exercises incorporating stretching, strengthening, and toning that improves flexibility, balance and posture. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat, water bottle and small towel. The class meets twice a week for four weeks.

  • Tai Chi - This ancient Chinese martial art incorporates specific movements to help you reduce stress, strengthen your back and knees and relax your muscles. The six- week class meets twice weekly.

  • Yoga for Beginners - Yoga can reduce stress, enhance flexibility and strengthen your immune system. Learn yoga basics in this four-week class that meets once a week. You'll need to bring a mat, pillow and water bottle.


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To register, or obtain more information, including dates, locations and prices, call 719-444-CARE (2273).


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Important Information About Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are often taken in conjunction with holistic treatments. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are thinking about taking a supplement medication:

  • Unlike other over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate the production and sale of supplements. Products called "supplements" (including herbs) do not need to show proof of safety or effectiveness before they are sold.
  • Natural products are not guaranteed safe. Herbs used for health purposes have effects on the body just like prescription drugs. Both should be used with care. There are some supplements that are truly unlike any prescription or OTC medicines. These products are worth taking a look at if you have symptoms they may help.

If you decide to use a supplement medication:

  • Please inform your physician(s) and health care providers.
  • Remember that not all health problems can be safely self-diagnosed. Generally, if there are OTC products available for the condition you are trying to treat (such as colds or pain) it means that the FDA thinks that condition can be safely self-diagnosed and self-treated. Ask your physician to confirm the diagnosis of other problems first.
  • Look for a product that has been standardized to the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) guidelines. Such products have the designation "NF", for "natural formulary."
  • Stop taking the product if you notice side effects and tell your physician.
  • Be extremely cautious about using herbs if you have a chronic illness or are taking other OTC or prescription medications. Herbal products may interfere with the disease or with the other medications.
  • Using the Internet as a sole resource for information on herbs is not recommended. While there are some sites that offer reliable information, many are more interested in your money than in your health.

MedlinePlus, published by the National Institute of Health, has extensive information about drugs and supplements, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive patient tutorials, and the latest health news.


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Massage Therapy

A Valuable Treatment for Specific Diseases and General Wellness

Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years. There are a variety of forms, but all involve manipulating the soft tissues of the body including the skin, tendons, muscles and connective tissues. This manipulation enhances your body's own healing ability. Pressure is applied in varying degrees using different techniques.


Some of the benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Relaxation and comfort
  • Restful sleep
  • Pain reduction and management
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved mood
  • Symptom management for cancer patients

Massage therapy at Memorial Hospital is offered through our integrative medicine and wellness department and is performed by licensed massage therapists. Inpatients may receive massage therapy in their rooms on a self-pay basis with their doctor’s approval.


Massage therapy is also available to outpatients. The cost is $27.50 for a 30 minute session and $55.00 for an hour session. If massage therapy is covered by your insurance and you have a prescription from your doctor, we can bill your insurance company.


To schedule an appointment or for more information about massage therapy at Memorial Hospital, call 719-365-5707.


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Community Cancer Screenings Promote Wellness

Memorial Hospital, in conjunction with Penrose Hospital, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, Peak Vista Community Health Centers and the American Cancer Society offers a skin and prostate cancer screening clinic each year. These screenings can be conducted without a doctor's order and are free of charge.


Pre-registration is required. Registration information is published about six weeks prior to each screening clinic.

  • Skin Cancer Screenings

Skin cancer screenings are held the first Saturday in May. Local dermatologists donate their time to perform head-to-toe screenings for skin cancer. If an abnormality is found, the patient is referred to his or her physician, or a dermatologist. If the patient does not have a doctor, or financial resources, we’ll assist in finding resources within the community.

  • Prostate Cancer Screenings

Prostate cancer screenings are held each year on the third Saturday in September. The screening includes a blood test and physical exam conducted by local urologists who donate their time. If an abnormality is found, the patient will be referred to his physician or to a urologist. If the patient does not have a doctor, or financial resources, we’ll assist in finding resources within the community.

  • Health Screenings Available through HealthLink at Memorial Hospital

HealthLink offers several health screenings at our outpatient lab. No appointment is needed. We do not send results to your doctor, but if the results are abnormal, a HealthLink nurse will call you. It is your responsibility to follow up with your doctor.


Costs vary and payment is required at the time of the screening.


We offer screenings for the following:

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone
  • Fasting and non-fasting cholesterol
  • Fasting and non-fasting glucose
  • Fecal occult blood test
  • Blood pressure
For more information, call 719-444-CARE (2273).


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