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Health and Wellness Center at Memorial Hospital

Health & Wellness Center at Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital Central
1400 E. Boulder St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
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Hospital operator: 719-365-5000
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For health questions, health classes or help finding a doctor, ask our nurses at HealthLink, 719-444-CARE (2273).


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The health and wellness center at Memorial Hospital helps you learn about and manage your medical condition. We focus on Deep Pain Thrombosis (DVT), cardiovascular case management, diabetes case management and nutrition services, including obesity and eating disorders. These conditions are complex and require close disease management. Our programs are physician directed and nurse managed.


You’ll be treated on an outpatient basis. The length of the treatment varies based upon the condition, but usually lasts from two to six weeks and includes monitoring, classes, and, in some instances, support groups. Once your condition is managed, you’ll follow up with your regular physician.

What is the process to use services at the health and wellness center at Memorial Hospital?

Often our patients are evaluated in the emergency room or urgent and after hours care at Memorial Hospital. Some are referred by their doctors, or if your insurance allows it, you can refer yourself. In many instances, our patients have received a recent diagnosis and they come to the center to learn how to manage the condition.

What Care Will I Receive for My Condition?

  • Managing Deep Vein Thrombosis

If you suffer from DVT and are referred to the health and wellness center at Memorial Hospital for medical management, we will follow you until you are receiving the correct medication to manage your levels and provide education on what to expect. You will have the option to return to your primary care provider or continue to be monitored here in our clinic.

  • Managing Diabetes

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes, you will probably have many questions. Our program includes a one-on-one consultation with a nurse and a one-on-one visit with a dietician. Also included is a 3-series class to learn about blood-sugar levels, how to administer insulin and the importance of nutrition. We can also do case management follow-up if ordered by your primary care physician.

  • Managing Obesity and Eating Disorders with Nutrition Services

Our dietitians offer support to all of our patients, but especially to our patients suffering from obesity, eating disorders and other conditions, including celiac disease. Our services include classes and follow-up care.



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