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Policies and Procedures

Pharmacy Practice Residency Program at Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital
1400 E Boulder St
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(map & directions)


Phone: 719-365-1109


Learn About Our Pharmacy Practice Residency Program in Six Steps:

» Step 1. Program Overview

» Step 2. Rotations
» Step 3. Preceptors and Residents

» Step 4. Policies and Procedures
» Step 5: Application Process

For your convenience, you may download any of the policies and procedures below:

1.0 Qualifications of the Resident (.pdf/17K)

1.1 Evaluation of the Resident Applicant (.pdf/23K)

1.2 Resident Customization Plan (.pdf/14K)

2.0 Obligations of the Program to the Resident (.pdf/18K)

2.1 Residency Attendances and Absences (.pdf/18K)

2.2 Residency Dismissal (.pdf/13K)

2.24.11 Staff Meeting Sign In (.pdf/75K)

3.0 Obligation of the Resident (.pdf/12K)

3.1 Requirements for Completion of Residency (.pdf/13K)

4.0 Requirement of the Residency Program (.pdf/23K)

4.1 Residency Program Outcomes (.pdf/12K)

4.2 Residency Purpose Statement (.pdf/13K)

4.3 Residency Assessment Strategy (.pdf/30K)

4.4 Residency Program Orientation (.pdf/18K)

5.0 Requirements of the Residency Director (.pdf/18K)

5.1 Qualifications of the Preceptor (.pdf/17K)

5.2 Rights Pharmacists (.pptx/63K)

6.0 Requirements of Training Site (.pdf/12K)

Contact Us

For questions about the pharmacy practice residency program at Memorial Hospital, please call the program director, at 719-365-1109.


Continue to learn more about our pharmacy residency program at Memorial Hospital...

» Step 5. Application Process