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Surgery Without a Scar? Meet Memorial Robotic Surgery

July 19, 2012

Contact: Brian Newsome, 365-6965

COLORADO SPRINGS—Common sense would suggest that if a surgeon removes a gallbladder, he’s going to leave a mark. Then again, there’s nothing common about Memorial Health System’s da Vinci Si, the most advanced robotic surgical system in Colorado.

The da Vinci Si allows a surgeon to remove the gallbladder through a single, tiny incision hidden at the belly button. Not only does the procedure minimize blood loss and lead to a faster recovery, but there is virtually no visible scar in the end.

Although robotic surgery itself is not new, Memorial Hospital Central’s next-generation device is able to take procedures such as this one to a new level. Other advances included with the da Vinci Si include:

  • The option to add a second console so that a fellow surgeon or medical student could also participate in a procedure.
  • Enhanced 3D, high-definition vision for the surgeon.
  • Significantly more dexterity and precision than the human hand.

Memorial began scheduling procedures on the da Vinci Si this week, and the first single-site gallbladder removal will take place Friday.

The da Vinci Si is used for numerous procedures, including hysterectomies and prostatectomies. For  more information about the da Vinci Si, visit

Patients who have specific health questions regarding the da Vinci Si should consult their physicians.