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Proposed Legislation Affecting Memorial "Laid Over" Until Next Year

April 27, 2011 – The Colorado Senate’s local government committee was scheduled Tuesday to hear testimony on SB11-202, a bill designed to carve out government hospitals from the Colorado Hospital Transfer Act.

Instead of hearing testimony, the bill was “laid over’’ until the next legislative session, which begins in January 2012. That means a change in the Colorado Hospital Transfer Act is not likely during the current legislative session.

That means that the Colorado Hospital Transfer Act still applies to Memorial. Colorado Attorney John Suthers has said that if Memorial were sold to a for-profit corporation, any proceeds from the sale could be used only for health care-related needs within the state of Colorado.

Proceeds from a sale, for instance, could not be used to fill potholes or water parks in Colorado Springs.

Last fall, after months of study, a Citizens’ Commission recommended that Memorial be converted to an independent community-based nonprofit, separate from the city. Memorial’s leaders support the recommendation.