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Memorial Hyperbaric Medicine Receives Accreditation

For Immediate Release

July 31, 2009

The Accreditation Council of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society granted Memorial Health System’s hyperbaric medicine program a full accreditation – an honor awarded to only 86 hyperbaric medicine programs worldwide. Accreditation is achieved by meeting high performance standards in staffing, training, equipment installation, operation and maintenance, facility and patient safety and standards of care.

Memorial Health System is the only health system in southern Colorado with a hyperbaric medicine program. Hyperbaric or 'high pressure' oxygen therapy is a medical treatment used to treat a diverse number of illnesses and injuries. Patients are placed in a pressurized chamber where they receive more than a tenfold increase in oxygen delivery to the body than can be provided by breathing 100 percent oxygen through a mask. Hyperbaric chambers help treat carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression injuries, wound healing and other types of problems, including soft tissue infections such as gangrene. A hyperbaric chamber is proven to help patients with diabetic wounds, crush injuries, burns, bone infections, cyanide poisoning and tissue injuries caused by radiation. It may also be used to help prevent amputation of limbs.
To learn more about Memorial’s hyperbaric medicine program, visit or call (719) 444-CARE.


For more information please contact Memorial Health System Public Relations at
(719) 365-5235.