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Memorial Hospital Rises to Another Level in Patient Care - 2/18/05

Memorial Hospital’s critical care transport service is officially taking to the air in March 2005. Memorial is contracting with North Dakota-based Med-Trans Corporation—with over 20 years of medical flight experience—for the services of a Bell 407 ambulatory helicopter to be used in transporting high-risk patients to and from the hospital. This helicopter, named “Memorial Star Transport,” will primarily serve the Colorado Springs Children’s Hospital at Memorial Hospital in transferring acute neo-natal and pediatric patients, along with high-risk maternal patients requiring timely care.

“Memorial Star Transport will greatly enhance our hospital’s commitment to service excellence by way of quicker response times on behalf of acutely sick or injured patients,” says June Chan, administrative director for the Colorado Springs Children’s Hospital at Memorial Hospital. “Every minute saved in transporting an at-risk infant, child or expecting mother significantly increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.”

Historically, Memorial Hospital has utilized ground ambulances, fixed-wing airplanes or military flight transportation for life-threatening emergencies. Over the past several years, however, the number of emergency transport cases has steadily grown—increasing 23percent from 2000 to 2003. Memorial Star Transport and its highly trained flight and medical staff are, in fact, “just what the doctor ordered.”