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Jan 19: Local Clarification on Child Safety Seats Available

For Immediate Release                                

January 19, 2007

Memorial Health System Trauma Prevention Department and the Colorado Springs Safe Kids Coalition can provide local information about the Consumer Reports child car seat confusion.

Parents should be reassured that installed and used correctly, infant car seats, child seats and booster seats do save lives.

Members of the Memorial Health System Trauma Prevention program and Safe Kids Coalition are available for interviews and to give demonstrations on what parents, grandparents and others who transport children should know.

Please contact the Memorial Health System Public Relations Office for more information or to schedule an interview, (719) 365-5235.

Scathing report on car seats retracted after criticisms


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. c Consumer Reports was forced Thursday to retract a damning report on infant car seats after the federal government said test crashes were conducted at drastically higher speeds than the magazine had claimed.

The revelation amounts to an embarrassment for the trusted consumer guide, and a relief to parents who were frightened about their babies’ safety after the original report came out.

That report said most of the seats tested “failed disastrously” in crashes at speeds as low as 35 mph. In one test, it said, a dummy child was hurled 30 feet.

But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said some of the crash tests were conducted under conditions that would represent being struck at more than 70 mph.

“Consumer Reports was right to withdraw its infant car seat test report and I appreciate that they have taken this corrective action,” said NHTSA administrator Nicole Nason. “I was troubled by the report because it frightened parents and could have discouraged them from using car seats

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