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A new era in health care in Colorado Springs?has begun?with the opening of Memorial Hospital North. By continuing to meet the increasing needs of our community, Memorial has grown from a small hospital in 1904 to a world-class health system today. The new hospital brings together state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care in a dynamic new healing environment.

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Meet Michelle, cancer survivor...

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Rachel and MichelleMichelle won her battle with breast cancer at the Memorial Health System Cancer Center, the only cancer center in Colorado recognized for 'outstanding achievement' by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons.

The Memorial Cancer Center is also the only facility in a five-state region with TomoTherapy, the most precise radiation treatment available today.

With the help of the Memorial Cancer Center, Michelle celebrates every new day with her daughter, Rachel. Every day counts in the fight against cancer!\

Here's Michelle's story ...

Michelle had strong motivation to get well - her four year old daughter. Michelle felt the tumor a year before she went to the doctor to have it checked. She had a difficult time believing it was cancer. She said it was an overwhelming experience. Michelle went through treatment for her cancer at Memorial Hospital, where she was treated with respect and dignity.

"I was not treated as a number. The doctors and nurses held my hand and took time to explain information to me. They let me cry when I needed to cry. Everyone was so reassuring."

Today, Michelle is cancer free. She completed her last treatment in December of 2006. She credits her faith and attitude as well as the staff at Memorial for her recovery. "The commercials say 'we heal, we care.' And they do - the doctors, nurses and therapists are remarkable."

If you, or someone you love, has been diagnosed with caner (or you think you might have cancer) and have questions or want to find a doctor, ask our nurses at HealthLink by calling (719) 444-CARE or visit the Memorial Cancer Center online.

Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

By Ken Pippus, M.D.

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Dr Ken Pippus with helmet onTraumatic injury is the leading cause of death of children aged one to fourteen years in the United States, resulting in about 10,000 deaths a year. Ten thousand!

This doesn't account for the number of devastating injuries to children that permanently alter quality of life. Sadly, most of these traumatic deaths and injuries could have been prevented had parents followed simple safety guidelines.

Here are 5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer:

1. Get a helmet on that noggin?! If your kids ride bikes, skateboards, inline skates?or such, they should wear a properly fitted helmet?always! No exceptions!

2. Close the house windows. Toddlers are curious little people. Tragically, an alarming number fall out house windows every year. Window screens are not strong enough to keep even a small child from falling out a window. Find an alternative way to cool your home.

3. Keep your kids off ATVs and motorcycles! They are dangerous for children! The worst injuries come from ATVs, motorcycles (even the ?toy? kind) and horses. At any significant speed, body armor tends to do remarkably little in a crash to protect your child from injuries.?

4. Store and lock tools out of sight! Keep lawn mowers, power tools and heavy machinery secured and out of children's reach.

5. Buckle up! Don't even start the car until all passengers have buckled their seat belt - that includes you. Set the example for your kids.

There are few things worse than watching your child be loaded into an ambulance. A little thought, time and caution on your part can keep you from a horrendous, devastating experience.

Have a great and safe summer with your kids and do your best to not spend any of it at the emergency department.

Dr. Pippus is the director of pediatric trauma at the Memorial Hospital for Children.


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